Author Topic: Substance Painter compatibilty with Google Drive  (Read 949 times)

Hi everybody,

When trying to save my scene from substance painter into a folder which is synced with google drive i'm getting this message "[Project management] Save failed - this is unusual, check previous messages for more information" (See attachment)

I get this message in every folder synced to google drive (tried multiple)

This does not happen when i save locally or in a folder not connected to google drive.
Does it need to be added to a list of software allowed to save directly?

Thank you, let me know if you know how to fix the issue!


Sadly it's not possible to save to Google Drive File Stream or Backup & Sync. And Adobe does not want to change this, see the link below.

This is mindboggling when thinking about how work changed recently - I'm switching a lot between working in the office and at home - depending on how the city handles the covid situation at the given time. And Adobe apparently thinks that ... moving files around by hand is the way to go :(.

Wow, that's amazing haha. It's weird that this issue (as far as i know) happens only with Substance and not with photoshop or other adobe products.

Anyways, thanks for the reply! Now i don't have to continue searching for solutions  :'(