Author Topic: How to get rid of normal map from previous layer? (Alpha Masking)  (Read 512 times)

Hi, I got 2 texture "Diffuse" And "Normal" Map. is there any way to get  rid of normal map texture  when I do alpha mask texturing?

Detail about my problem :

sorry my english is not very good >.<

Set the height/ normal channel of the top fill layer to 'replace'.

unfortunately the result still same  :-[ the normal map skin still Bump, when I do alpha mask texturing....

Post a screenshot of the layer stack where you have set this up please. What I said is the way to do it.

Like this ? :

Sorry I'm kinda dumb >.< Would you mind to show me with a picture?

You need to change the height/ normal channels to 'replace'. You changed the setting for the base color.