Author Topic: Adobe Fuse sbsar textures import  (Read 185 times)

I have been using adobe fuse cc for a while making some characters, and wanted to expand on the base textures included in the program. They have an import texture function for sbsar files only. Whenever I try to add a texture though it fails saying it was not in the correct format. I have tried many times. Has anyone gotten or can try to get a texture import to work?


Thank you for reaching out to us!

Please check you are able to load and use the SBSAR correctly in Substance Player and/or Substance Designer.

If the SBSAR file works as expected, then the issue might be that your version of Substance Designer publishes SBSAR in a format not supported by Fuse – likely because of an unsupported version of the Substance Engine.

I suggest making sure your version of Fuse CC is up to date, and publish the SBSAR using the compatibility mode for a previous version of the Substance Engine. This option is located in the Project tab of the Preferences window, and will highlight all nodes unsupported by the selected engine version with a yellow frame, as described here.

Feel free to let me know the results of following these steps.

Best regards,
QA Analyst
Substance Designer Team