Author Topic: How to paint across non-UDIM texture sets  (Read 1943 times)

Is it possible to paint across texture sets that are not setup as UDIM?  Or must they have the UDIM coordinate space?

C4D does not allow creation of UDIMs as it only supports the 1001 space.  (At least not in the version I have - R20)

After waiting so long for cross-texture painting, I was hoping it would work on non-UDIM formatted UVs as just texture selections.  (This is the way it's been done for ages in C4D - just with selection sets)

I have a cylinder that I made 2 selection sets with and applied different materials in C4D - exported as .obj and it imports to Painter and shows 2 texture sets.  However both sets are labeled 1001.  I believe they have to be for C4D to work properly.

When I try to paint, half of the cylinder disappears (the half I'm not painting on)...and it won't paint across the seam.  I have tried choosing the other texture set, which then lets me paint on that half, and the other disappears.

Logic then dictates choosing BOTH texture sets...but still only allows painting on one at a time. No painting across seams.

Am I missing something? (I hope!) or is this a lost cause with C4D r20?


You cannot paint across texture sets, only UDIM tiles.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

After a little more research, I discovered you can actually create UDIMs workflow within C4D.  It's just not documented and the interface does not give you much indication that's what you are doing.  It's working though.  I will update after I've tried to import textures back to C4D

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