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i installed Substance Painter 30 Days trial to become a feeling of this awesome announced Software.
but after installing, adding new file OBJ at the very first click on to paint it crash with black screen changes with white screen, 2 seconds. boom.

i updated al ldrivers, restart it serveral times, tried other version, but nothing helped.
my specs are RTX 2070super, Ryzen 9 3900x, 32GB RAM, win 10 - 64 bit, on a x570 ultra me

I've seen people having issues with Painter if they have Ryzen CPUs, but it is usually during baking.

Does the crash happen with a basic cube from Blender? Did you try FBX as well?

Check these links:

Also please attach a log file:
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

log file attached, i changed he settings you linked above, nohing changed.
i also have same problem with blender, i use this 3-5 min it crashes, the log files there i see nothing wrong...
thanks for fast responde

my workflow:
making cloth in Marvelous Designer, import as selected OBJ into Blender, make UDIM UV's / remes UV's, export as FBX, and im now 5 min in Substance painter added 10 EPIC !
can you shortly tell me what is the different between FBX and OBJ specially in Substandce painter ? what information is given for or missing to make this different ?! just the color information ?
at all, this helped me, i htink further work it never crash, i will respond if its start again, but at this moment i hink we solved it :D

You posted the same thing in this thread as well:,33721.msg129983.html#msg129983

I did answer your question on Discord, as well as the other topic here which you posted in. If you're running two RTX 2070 Supers you need to disable SLI mode for Painter.

It would help to have more details in future because on discord you mentioned bridging cards, but no where else.

If using an FBX solves the problem I would still look more into this because you should still be able to use OBJ files. Another issue is at play.

EDIT: Problem was fixed on discord. Suggest to roll back GPU drivers and now OBJs load in. Still trouble shooting on why latest drivers don't like OBJ files.
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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)