Author Topic: workflow for lightmaps in substance designer  (Read 3802 times)


i loaded my sbsar into ue4.6 and was shocked:
no working lighting at all  :-\

so the people the ue-forum told me, that i have to build an lightmap for every static mesh.

that was the second shock (because there are lots of meshes).

now, here are my questions:
1)is this the right workflow for maya-build-meshes:
- take the mesh in the maya uv-editor and create an extra lightmap-channel for the mesh
- export the mesh as an fbx
- import the mesh into ue 4.6
- apply the substance to the static mesh

2) how can i apply an lightmap to my substance (made in substance designer as an pbr/metallic rougness). Or comes the lightmap directly with the fbx-file into ue4.6?

thank you very much for an answer!

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Lightmaps will be built automatically by UE4 when you build your lighting as long as you have a secondary unique UV on your meshes.

hi Jeremie Noguer,

thanks a lot  :)

Hi, if you also use blender (i don't know how it works in maya), you can select all your meshes and add them to a texture atlas groupe, and the generate a shared lightmap with only few clicks. Hope it helps