Author Topic: [SOLVED] Height stopped working randomly in the 3D viewport  (Read 711 times)

New user here, I assume I made a rookie mistake somewhere, however I've been searching for a solution and I've been unable to find the answer.

I was going through the "Getting started with substance designer course" but somewhere along the way my High-Res plane is no longer showing any height information and is completely flat.

I am currently displaying a high-res plane using the physically_metallic_roughness(default) with tessellation. Every node is still connected as it is in the video, and in order to view the I have attempted the following:

Right click and drag back onto the high res plane,
select display outputs 3D on the graph
Selected reset and view in 3D from the base color

In case the image upload doesn't work (not showing up in preview) here's a link
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Thank you for reaching out to us!

Be default, the Height Scale value for tessellation displacement is set to 0. You can set it to a higher value by selecting the Tessellation version of the PBR Metallic/Roughness shader, in the Materials > Default menu in the 3D View panel, as shown below.

This will display the material properties in the Properties panel – you can retrieve them at any point using the Edit option in the Materials menu. There, set the Scale parameter in Height section to a value higher than 0.

To save this new value and use it as default when starting the 3D View, you can use the Save Current State As Default option in the Scene menu of the 3D View, as shown below.

I hope this is helpful!

Best regards,
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Thank you lucas. It seems I was unaware that my scale value had been reset in the base material node.

I notice the height resets when you change to another graph, and then back again so this does not really work.

Any suggestions?