Author Topic: Mesh Normals are Invalid/Some Triangles are too small in Mesh  (Read 2517 times)

Hi there everyone, so I've been trying to get my Low Poly into Substance for texturing. I've already gotten all my maps since I did my baking in Marmo. And well whenever I try to import my Low Poly I get this error message. I did some googling on this specific error and read that some causes of this could be non-manifold geo somewhere in the mesh. So I took it back into Maya and found some non-manifold geo. After fixing it I continued to use Cleanup in Maya and manually looked all around my mesh and could find nothing else that needs fixing. But I'm still getting this darn error message. I've been at it for hours but have not been able to fix it at all. If anyone's got any ideas as to what could be causing this, then I'd love to hear it because I'm all out of ideas here. Down below I'll leave the FBX for my Low Poly if anyone wants to take a look for themselves. Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help!  :D

So a little update on my issue. I've been able to fix the problem when it comes to the body of my flaregun model. Turns out I had some verts around my model that weren't welded, so they were just stragglers that were very hard to see and weren't close enough to other verts to be welded by Maya. So I found and fixed all those, which has caused the normals on the body to be fixed in Painter. But I'm still getting the issue of my mesh normals being invalid for the barrel of my Flaregun. So this is how that looks like even with the normal map applied. I'm gonna go in and check this out further in Maya. To see if possibly there are unwelded verts on this part that are causing the issue here. I'll keep this thread updated on anything I find or end up solving. Edit: To be clear, this is the error message I'm still getting regarding the mesh normals for the barrel of the flaregun
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Well, I think I've fixed my issue here everyone! Went around the barrel and found a single stray vert. Sneaky little bugger must've snuck past me the first time around. After welding that stray vert my issue seems to have been fixed. I'm not getting the invalid normals issue anymore upon import. So all seems well now! :) Hope I didn't waste anyone's time with this. But thank you anyways if you were in the process of taking a look at my model to help me out.

Thank you for updating the solutions, big help.