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I am new to substance alchemist and very happy with it. Simple, intuitive an powerfull.
But i am very confused with the way atlas scatter works.
As a very simple example, i start from a starter base material :

I download an atlas material from substance source and use the substance launcher to send it to alchemist. Then i shift drag to view to create the atlas filter. I get this :

As you can see i lose the diffuse informations (in 2d view, no diffuse / base color anymore). Or what i expect is something like this :

I use here a simple height blend, but i lose all the cool features of the atlas filter.

Is this behaviour normal ? Is there something i do wrong ?
I did not submit a bug report since i don't know the software enough, so not sure if it's a bug or not.

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Ok i solved the issue. i used the specular / glossiness workflow since i render with corona.
I did a new project with the metallic / roughness workflow and atlas work as expected..

I will deal with glossy/rough conversion later on.

bye ^^ :)


You can do the conversion at the export by selecting the preset "PBR SpecGloss from MetalRough"
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thank you for your answer.
Indeed is saw this after exporting my first material. ^^
very very cool.