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Hello folks,
                    Being fairly new to Painter [ about 2 weeks ] I have always had gripes about the lack of flexibility regarding the enviroment. so Did some tests and it would appear that the Co ordinate system used by Painter is actually a reverse of that used by Most [ All ] Mcad systems.  I imported a variety of Mcad models from various Mcad software ... Siemens Solid Edge , Siemens NX , Catia , and Pro E [ Creo ] and all come into Painter upside down.  That is not a problem if I am creating the model from scratch  just means I need to sketch on the reverse side of the front plane and go from there. But the imported models will always come in upside down  Which means that the model / enviroment has to be rotated  which in turn means the lighting from the Hdri is not optimal.  I can employ a workaround by Flipping the environment which means I can then get the lighting I need BUT that creates problems with the ground plane.   Ideally I would love the team to incorporate the ability to move the model in all three axis... independent of the environment.  It has a superb render engine in Iray and an equally super screenshot render from Yebis. Just a pity that they are hampered by the aforementioned downside. I am loving Painter though in spite of my moan.