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What is a good render engine for use with Substance painter ?   I like Iray.. but the useability is severly hampered by only being able to rotate the enviroment in 1 axis.  As I only mess around with Substance in my hobby There is no way I would pay for a subscription licence for Maya or 3ds Max at circa 1500+ per year, thats ok for a company but not for me.  I would pay for a perpetual licence , so what would be a good engine.  I use Solid Edge for my 3d cad work [ non commercial licence ] so have e mailed  Luxion to get a trial of Keyshot PRO [ as long as I don't need a commercial licence for Solid Edge] What other render engines  offer a perpetual licence ?  that would work well with Painter.

Give Blender a try and skip the license altogether. :) There are 2 quite capable render engines available out of the box. Plus all the features of a "name" 3D applicaton.
I just recently made the transition from 3DS Max and have not been disappointed.

Good luck!

Thanks Daf57,  I will do as you suggest  I think GameDev also suggested Blender in another thread. Sounds Like it would be good,  Thing is... can I export my welds, textures ect from Painter into Blender ?  [  I already have Blender on my machine ]  I find it incredibly frustrating that the great render engine Iray is so severly tied to only rotating around 1 axis !  I just don't get it !  Even if Painter had the means to move/ rotate the model without rotating the enviroment.   These enviroment limitations are beginning to eat into my enjoyment of using Painter.  If Substance could implement the ability to move/ rotate the model  then That would be enough for me but,  as it is... !!!