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Pic of my first attempt at creating worn paint.  Since 3 days ago I have gone from almost ditching Painter to Loving it.  Every day is a learning day for me. one step at a time.  My only bugbear with Painter is concerning the Enviroment. I am used to Keyshot pro and Vred where I have full control over the enviroment, ie the ability to move it in 3 axis also the ability to control Reflections from the Enviroment. and a few other parameters.  But I now love using Painter in spite of those points. [ Will have to post the pic in a seperate post... as if I attach it here I get a" Entity to large message " so will try in another post.



You can change and rotate the environment map. Just play around with the HDRi maps and use the rotation option to get different lighting.

I also never use Painter as my final rendering tool, but I'll play with the environment lighting to get an idea.

Hi CAGameDEV,  Thanks for the reply, I knew about the Enviroment slider that you mention, my only bugbear with Painter is they are only 1 axis. I am used to being able to rotate the enviroment around any axis.  Also a few other alterations.  I am finding that the best lighting for that model in particular is on the opposite side from that shown  and there is no means of rotating the model by itself without rotating the enviroment. Pity. Loving the software though.
As a matter of intrest which Render engine do you use ?  I usually use either Keyshot or Vred.

I do all my renders in Blender using Cycles, and composites in Photoshop once getting the layers I need from Blender.

Far to complex for me...  I have enough on me plate learning Painter :)