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Hello folks,  As a complete newcomer to Substance Painter and indeed Mesh models  I tried to import a model in OBJ format into Painter and it looked horrible, so many facets on areas that were round. so went back to my Mcad system [ Siemens Solid Edge ] and set the conversion to as smooth as it would go, imported the model and still displayed facets [ not so large ] but still looked terrible. So purchased  Professional Cad conversion software [ at quite an expense ] converted the model to FBX format and came in perfect even at the default settings. so very happy with that.  All this Mesh models are alien to me.. as I am used to Solid models , so the learning curve is steep but I am making progress and I enjoy using Painter. although had I not found a great cad converter I was going to abandon Painter.

Painter merely reads the vertex normals data from the model, if that is faulty, Painter can do nothing about it. Its upon you to prepare your model accordingly, no reason to abandon the application because of that.

I have no experience with CAD models, so I can't really comment on that, but it is absolutely common practice to create smoothing groups/ face weighted vertex normals manually for the geometry you import into Painter. There are also cases where some automatic converter will not cut it and where you have to manually adjust the weights of individual faces, so you should definitely learn more about that subject.

Creation of smoothing groups/ vertex normals depends on the application you use of course, I do it either in Blender or Modo.

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Thanks for the info Volker,  I will certainly do as you suggest.  I am finally enjoying the Application [ even though the learning curve is steep ]  I will attach a test cube that I have been practising on... in the thread on worn paint. and if you get a chance give me your thoughts and comments. It will show ALMOST the look I want for a certain model just need some fine tuning.