Author Topic: question about template that works with specular maps for unity 5  (Read 1320 times)

Hello, i've just bought the license for substance painter, and i loved the program, i'm currently trying to make skins for weapons of a game called rust that run on unity 5, the game uses 5 maps, diffuse, normal, specular/gloss,  ambient occlusion, and emission, i am currently having a problem with the specular map, i'm converting the metallic and roughness maps from substance painter to specular using the unity universal render pipeline (specular) template, but it doesn't seem to be working perfectly, the program is converting the metallic parts to black on the diffuse as expected but the metallic parts on the specular map are too dark, as you can see in the pictures, wondering if anyone was a suggestion to another template that i can convert the files to, thank you kind stranger.
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