Author Topic: querying a list of file paths for all output nodes  (Read 448 times)

Hello, wondering if you guys could help me save some time.
I'm trying to collect al list of file paths from Designer matching the output nodes of the graph.
This would be a list of files that are created or overwritten when re-exporting a graph.
Any easy way to do this using the python API from withing a designer plugin?

I'm basically trying to run the files generated by the "export bitmaps" tool through or versioning workflow...

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I could also be going wrong the wrong way about this, is there an export outputs call back like in painter I could piggyback on?
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To export the graph outputs from Python you can do something like this:

from import export
export.exportSDGraphOutputs(graph, outputDir)

You can check the code in sd/tools/ and use it as a reference for your own version, adapted for your own needs, for example tracking the output images generated or running some kind of QA process before exporting graph outputs.

Does that help?


That's excellent, I will try this out immediately thanks for the feedback!
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