Author Topic: Automatic UV Unwrapping crashing 3DS Max FBX. Substance Painter keeps crashing  (Read 5168 times)

The software guides on chrome disabiling GPU Acceleration, there is no SLI graphic cards, no Dell and no AlienWare issues that official documentation says can cause crashes.

On export of an FBX into Substance it crashes on 25% mark when "Automatic UV Unwrapping" is going on. This happens 10 times out of 10. Why is this?

Would you be able to attach the mesh for us to try and reproduce the issue?

I am having the same issue. was using Substance painter couple weeks ago and was working fine when i used it to texture a gun and sword project. Now when i tried using it on another project a simple Wall it crashes when i try to load in a new file with the fbx. it loaded to 60% then crashes. Not sure why it opens other file like my gun from before which was alot more detailed. I deleted the UV. as my professor told me too. Maybe its something i messed with in Maya under editor prefrences? ??? not sure why substance keeps crashing???Need help!! i Have a windows laptop i5

I figured out, that while "Automatic UV unwrapping" is running, the automatic save function  does cause the crash. (autosave can be disabled in the menu "javascript")

Thank you for reporting this issue. The Automatic UV unwrapping feature in Substance Painter is still an experimental feature. We will try to address the issue.
Meanwhile indeed the safest way is to adapt the options in the Auto Save configuration window to avoid that auto save starts during the auto unwrap process.