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I have authored a .sbs file to take input images. I have categorized and organized them base on group name. In Designer they show up in the correct groups when "previewing" the parameters. I would Ideally like to start another graph and instance this original graph inside it so multiple users can use it as a custom node. However, when this is done, each time a parameter is touched the entire graph needs to be recomputed. This causes a delay in input timing and is frustrating to work with. I thought I might be able to "pre-compute" the graph by using an archive file. I linked that to a new graph but there was no options for input... or parameters at all... so my next solution was to export another .sbsar and have the user make their changes and input images in Substance Player. I was unable to find that software anymore. So naturally I moved onto Substance Alchemist as I know that program is similar, has very good input times and would work (in theory) relatively the same as Player. Alchemist however, does not have a custom mesh import and so the user will not be able to see the parameters working on the correct mesh... so I moved onto using Painter. Painter has decent input timing, however all of my input nodes are outside the groupings they were originally associated with AND they omit the group name from the prefix AND there is no description field. As you can see this is very frustrating as I cannot give my artists a proper way of using this handy tool I have made in Substance Designer. What I would see as the lesser of all the evils is if there was a custom mesh import into Alchemist. Although my curiosity would like to know why Substance Painter is so different from these other softwares as it truly has unpredictable results when working with other files authored by your same suite. And what happened to Player?
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