Author Topic: Substance Designer and Painter crashes on second monitor  (Read 1104 times)

My Problem
So I'm having this problem with Substance software on my second monitor. It'll crash when opened on my Huion.
I have an Asus Laptop and a Huion GT-191. Here are my laptop specs:

Intel(r) 17-8750H cpu 2.20ghz
16gb ram

Substance Painter works fine if I open it on my main monitor then move it over to my secondary display.
But whenever I try to run designer on my main monitor it works fine then moving it over will result in it crashing shortly after. I can still use both programs this is just a hassle.

Things I have Tried:
I think its crashing on startup because it tries to use the wrong GPU. Checking my display settings it says my GT-191 is connected to NVIDIA GTX 1060

I forced Substance Painter to run on the right GPU in the Nvidia driver's settings. I made a custom profile in my Nvidia Control panel > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings then set it to a high-performance Nivida processor.
Here I also turned off "Threaded Optimization" and "Vertical Sync."

I also tried switching to Nivida's RTX studio driver yet this didn't do much.

I've seen this problem selectively and not much info on it. I've also seen similar problems with Maya yet I have not experienced any.
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Open substance painter in more than one monitor:

1.go to display setting
2.set the multiple displays to duplicate these displays the substance painter
4.go back to display setting
5.set the multiple displays to extend these displays