Author Topic: 'My Assets' - incorrect !!  (Read 1385 times)

Since you've updated the SS website, I only see the last 20 assets that I have downloaded.

In reality, I have downloaded many, many more than that.

And just to be clear, all the search descriptors at the top are set to 'all'...

Come on Allegorithmic, this shouldn't be happening... it's just pathetic.

Would other SS customers who read this have a look at their own accounts and tell me if they are experiencing this please ?

Well, something is definitely amiss...

I have 60 'metal' downloads, yet if you look at the attached screenshot, only twenty are being listed.

So, if I look at each category, it will show my purchases within there, but only up to twenty and no more...

This seems to be fixed now, but I swear, there was an issue...


Indeed with the update with the website we had a small issue that arised where only the latest 20 materials were shown.
It is now fixed so it should be back to normal
PO @ Allegorithmic