Author Topic: Does the Substance To Redshift Plugin For 3ds Max Work Yet?  (Read 1217 times)


I see in 3ds Max there is a plugin for Substance to Redshift, and I am HOPING that it works finally before I purchase an upgrade to Redshift.

Does the plugin for Substance to Redshift in 3ds Max actually work?

Please advise exactly step 1, and step 2 if there are any additional settings I need to deal with etc...,


In a word, No it doesn't.
Some people might have found work arounds and custom scripts to get it to work but in all instances so far its been faster for me to save out bitmaps.

Hello, thank you so much for the opportunity to lay my complaints on the usage of substance in 3Ds Max, I downloaded the plugin yesterday night but anytime I convert my substance materials to vray materials and I try choosing vray as the preferred rendering machine, my 3Ds Max will crash immediately. I am using 3Ds Max 2019, Vray Next and substance in 3Ds Max 2.3.1

Hi Germolene,

Thank you for Updating Substance To Redshift conversion non working status. It's really a shame that this does not work in 2020.  It's been quite some time that so many new features are being added, while this functionality used by many are ignored.  Here goes again re-creating all of my material libraries from scratch.

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