Author Topic: Problems with a material from Substance Source  (Read 829 times)

Hi Folks:

Last night I downloaded a material from Substance source -- its called -- this is the sample picture of it

When I opened it in Substance designer, it does not have the pronounced ridges that standing seam metal roof is known for

When I generate maps and put them into blender, it likewise does not show the ridges it should

Can someone please point me in the direction of a solution? (im using the default settings to generate the maps) - same thing happens in Substance player


The ridges look like they're there, just not as prominent.  I'm thinking it may just be the difference between an editor render and a marmoset render.
But, I could be wrong on that or there may be a way to change it to get it to look correct on your end.  What maps is it giving you to bring into blender?