Author Topic: From PBR to PBS  (Read 2899 times)

hey guys,
Is there any easy way to change a completly done PBR project to PBS ?

What do you mean by PBS?

Hum, aren't they the same thing?  ???

What are you trying to do exactly? Are you confusing it with metal/roughness and specular/glossiness PBR?
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Yes it's the same UE4 uses PBR "Roughness / Metallic" and CryEngine and Unity 5 are using PBS " Specular, Glosiness" methode.
I made some projects in the Metall and Roughness methode now i would like to chnage them into the Specular and Glosiness and also into a non PBR Version...

There is a Node called diffuse-metallic-roughness to diffuse-specular-glossy to find in Material Filters.
Maybe that helps you.