Author Topic: i can't open a lot of materials after update  (Read 1562 times)

hello , i can't open a lot of materials after new update , when i open the material it showes the previous material .
if i opened a marble material as a sample and close it then opend a fabric material it showes the marble material not fabric.
not all materials do that but there's a lot doing that.

YES.  This is a serious problem and I have reported it and sent log files.  Substance team has said they can't reproduce it on their end. 

We've been informed about this issue a few weeks ago
We've finally been able to reproduce it and we are working on it
Hopefully it will get fixed soon, we'll keep you in touch

My Launcher just updated itself, and this problem seems to have been addressed!  So far so good, anyway.

Thank you!

I'd like to suggest that the Substance devs add a small loading animation now that always shows until whatever you're trying to view is loaded.  Internet speeds are super slow in my neighborhood right now because everyone is working from home or out of school...the source browser is working now, but due to slow speeds nothing happens at all until an image loads. 

So maybe having a default loading gif or something that displays until the real image shows, would allow us to know it is working on loading.