Author Topic: Can we get a Max Blend Mode for FX-Maps on color inputs?  (Read 1914 times)

Hello! I would love to have the ability to specify the Max blend type when using a color input on an FX node with an extra option to choose whether to blend all the different color channels separately with the max function, or, more usefully, the option to specify a color channel to determine how to blend between two overlapping images.

As an example, Imagine if I had a circle shape in an RGBA image containing the following info:

R - Sphere Height info
G - Solid white
B - Solid white
A - Solid white

In the FX map Quadrant Node, I would select my Pattern to be the Input Image, and then the Blending Mode would be set to Max. Under a new drop-down parameter, I'd select 'Red Channel' for the FX map to use the sphere height info to manage the blend with previous image iterations. For each iteration, I could create a random value to mult over the Red channel which would randomly adjust the 'depth' of the ball For each iteration. I could fill the G,B,A channels with random values to create a random color ID. This would allow us to do all kinds of cool things!

Hope that makes sense,


Peter Roe