Author Topic: Issue with sbsar import, window sizes and mesh display  (Read 2049 times)

Issue 1.

I have created a simple Material in Substance Designer. Its nothing more than 4 images files, one for albedo, normal, roughness and ao, plugged straight in to the relevant outputs. I then export the the sbsar.

I drag it into Substance painter and get the import dialogue. I choose "base material" and have tried "current session", "project" and "shelf"

Having tried about 6 times 5 I have gotten:

[Resource Import] "C:/Users/Phantomdentist/Desktop/Wood_Planks_teilffxg_surface.sbsar" cannot be imported as 'basematerial'.

I have tried this with multiple sbsar files and each time they tend to fail to import but then occasionally do. If they do they sometimes work and sometimes crash

Roughly the 4th time it import fined with exactly the same steps but then crashed when I tried to drag the base material into the layers palette.

Issue 2.

This is comparatively minor but annoying. Each time I reload substance Painter my window sizes reset. For examplr I have my "Texture Settings", "Layers" and "Texture set list" docked on the right hand side, one under the other. Each time I load Substance Painter the "Texture Set List" window is taking up 80% of my screen height. I adjust the sizes but upon the next load they have reset.

Issue 3.

As you can see here  my models appears to be displaying with soft edges. The exported mesh has all been set to hard edges in maya. This is not a huge issue as the problem goes away once I actually texture the mesh but just wondering if I am missing something.

Substance Painter 2019.2.3

Substance Designer 2019.2.2
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