Author Topic: Occlusion bleed through thin objects *SOLVED*  (Read 486 times)


Hi guys,

well, this is not new, still Im hoping for a magic solution.

Some parts of my models vary a lot in size ratio - eg this example oven with a big opening inside where I need some AO definition - and thin parts like the front panel, which is only 5mm thickness.

The inner part is baked totally right with a smooth b/w transition.

Unfortunately the back part of the oven, body, is bleeding through the thin part of the front panel.

I get the same results in xNormal.

See images attached.

There should be no problem with the mesh itself, all simple and clean, no flipped faces or anything.

When I render the AO with Vray (VrayDirt) it comes out fine - but this is not the way to go for me.
Way too slow, way not practical for batch-baking a lot of objects.

Therefor I would like to stick to xNormal - but as Painter gives the same results I hope I can find some support here.
And as I probably need to work every object inside of Painter I can go the quick bake AO route there too.

IF it works ;)

Thanks in advance, best,
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Hm, I just made a quick test with a box and a thin object attached directly to it, all built and collapsed in 3DS Max.
Strange enough the bleed does not occur.

This is probably how an AO baked inside of Painter should look like.

Any idea where this problem could derive from??


Well, seems like the problem is solved, even though I dont clearly know why.

Tried to set up the whole object again from scratch in 3DS and did some actions different to the export before.
Eg. added a weld vertices modifier.

Actually dont know what more I did, specially that could affect those results like this. No different fbx export options or anything.

I guess I have to pass through some objects to see if the error comes up again and if - why.

If someone has a hint what it might be, please tell me :D