Author Topic: Is it possible to export alpha layers with decals?  (Read 10709 times)


the question is:

Is it possible to export a single layer from painter, with a single decal or paint stroke or whatvever, without having the entire rest of the uv area export as (non-textured ) white ?
I want only the decal to show up on the exported map, with the rest of the map being an alpha so to speak.
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No one?

Say i have a simple square plane-mesh.
I stamp a single big fat black digit in the middle.
How can i export that material with only the digit visible in the texture ?

I'll give you an example to answer your question.

If you create a plane, make a layer and just stamp something using a texture like this:

Then you export using Document with Alpha:

Now you'll have that layer with the alpha channel:

Also, if you need it to be as per your 2D view with all the maps applied (this takes into account your HDRi lighting) as opposed to just the diffuse texture then you can export as per the 2D view like so:

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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I'll give you an example to answer your question.

Thank you!