Author Topic: Steam november 2019 sale  (Read 9133 times)

A simple question : I would like to buy SP as there's a sale for some days on Steam right now. Will I get the 2020 version if I buy SP 2019 now ?

Thanks ! :)

same question here

We are gonna fix the link for synchronization with our website in the coming days, so you will get 1 year of maintenance from the purchase date.
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OK, but just to be sure, does this include the 2020 release ?

Yes :)
The 2020 release will be available by the end of the month, and the synchronization will work.

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Hi sorry just to make sure my current maintenance runs out for substance painter 2019 on July 2020 will I get the a free update to substance painter 2020 or do I have to buy a new licence?