Author Topic: Painter crashing when creating a mask on layer  (Read 3385 times)

Hello all,

I've recently run into an odd crashing problem where any sort of scene I make (even demo scenes) will crash when I create a layer and add a mask.  I've tried a number of things: sifting through documentation on other programs that might compete with Painter, reinstalled a couple different types of drivers, opening other artists scenes to test (they still crash).

I will mention no one else is having this issue so it's definitely local, just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if so what the fix was.  Otherwise, I'll attempt a reinstall tomorrow.



Do you get a crash report window when you restart the application ?
I would be interested in looking into the crash. :)
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Weirdly enough I get no crash report.  I just get the white overlay on the software while the blue windows icon spins indefinitely.  I sent a bug report through a fresh startup of Painter but just cannot figure out what happened.

EDIT: I just saw an update for Painter was available, 2019.2.3.  I installed it.  Plus an update to the Game Ready Nvidia driver I'm using and also installed that.  Still crashing however.

I did want to mention, are there any known Windows services that have issues with Painter?  In the beginning, one of our technical guys got around Painter not starting because of some sort of service running in the background.  You might see I'm grasping for anything at this point :-)
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Good news.  After going through the documentation again I found a registry edit I hadn't tried related to the current_user software keys.  I deleted these keys so Painter could regenerate them and it worked.

Anyway, for those future people who have this issue try that out:

After working in Painter for 10 or so minutes after the fix, ALT + clicking into the mask of a fill layer crashed Painter again.  But, after clearing the Substance Painter and Substance Painter 2 entries in the current_user software registry tree, I was able to at least create the mask to begin with.

Will keep on looking for solutions.

Same happen´s when using color picker from Materials. Just hover over a Picture in a browser or from Hard Drive and it crashes. I tried your solution and it works now.

Ok we got it figured out.

I also started getting crashes with May 2018 and the hypershade as well.  For Maya I had to use DirectX 11 (as opposed to the openGL compatability render mode) otherwise Maya spawning a window on the secondary monitor caused the freeze.

With Painter, the project is already set to DirectX.  But anytime I tear off the windows and set them on the secondary monitor, then start working (i.e. creating a fill layer with a mask) insta-freeze.  Inversely, if I keep all the settings, layers, and such on the primary, no crashes.

Is this fixable???  I work with 2, 30-inch monitors and would LOVE to take advantage of that display real-estate.


The preferences shouldn't have any impact on the stability of the software.
If you crash when moving windows to another screen, this means it is a GPU issue, see:
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

To be more specific, its not actively moving a panel to the other monitor, its having set panels, all beautifully organized and doing work.  But agreed, this smells of GPU instability.