Author Topic: Advanced Color Picker & Copying Sub Layers  (Read 9966 times)

Hi everyone!

First of all; regarding two subjects on my topic, I'm not really sure if they don't exist or I couldn't find them.

I think color picker would be a lot more useful if we can cherry-pick whichever we want from color, height, roughness, metal and normal in between layers or the same layer. Hey, you can even name it 'Cherry-Picker'!

Another thing about color picker is; sometimes it picks the color as grayed out, I couldn't find any solution.

About sub layers (if that's how to put it), being able to copy generator, paint, fill, levels etc. from layer to layer would be super useful!

If any of those issues are already solved or mentioned here, I'm sorry.
If any of you guys are able to point the right direction, thanks in advance.


Sure! Thanks. Btw is there a post about pen pressure for brush hardness?