Author Topic: Do I get points when buying Substance on Steam?  (Read 5189 times)


I bought Substance Painter on Steam, as I have no Credit Card and
can not get one in the near future. I would love to try Substance Source,
but it seems I don't get any points, but I bought a year.

So the question is: Do I really get no points at all and do I need to wait for a year, because
I have a one year subscription of SP now and will not buy it twice?

Hope someone can help.
Kind regards,

Hi FootloseCreative,

As it is explained on the Source FAQ, on the Source website and on the product page, Substance Source is only available for people who have a subscription.

What you have purchased on Steam is not a year subscription of Substance Painter, as we do not sell subscriptions there.
It is a permanent licence of the tool, which means that at the end of the year you'll stop receiving updates, but that you'll be able to keep using the tool forever (and not just for one year).

If you need some Substance Source points you indeed have to subscribe. You don't have to be an active subscriber to use you points, meaning that if you take a subscription and then cancel it before the end of the month you'll keep your points.

Would you have a friend or family member who would allow you to use their credit/debit card for this, and once the subscription is launched you cancel it and the credit card number from your account?
Or do you have a possibility to use paypal? (unless you are from Germany, where Paypal does not work for monthly subscriptions)

If that is not possible unfortunately I can't see a solution for you
PO @ Allegorithmic

Thanks for the fast answer :)

Indeed, I am from germany, so this will become dificult.
In addition, no one allows me to use their cc for this, as you don't have
a impress on your page to pay. I know, it is owned by Adobe, but they don't care.

So I will wait until I get a cc by myself, which could take some time. Sad to see, that
you don't allow buying points only, but okay. Personally I don't know why I can't use Paypal
for monthly payments, as I can use it for every other monthly payment I have.

Kind Regards,