Author Topic: Painting on baked normal in Painter, dots gradually appear.  (Read 376 times)

Good evening. Im incredibly sorry if this is not the place, but i honestly cannot find an answer anywhere, and any solution offered hasnt worked. Ive followed documentation as well. Ultimately im not even sure if its a bug or a setting im not utilizing.

 My issue, as stated on the subject header, is that as I paint on my normal map that was exported out from substance after baking it, after about 5-10 minutes these dots appear over the areas i painted. Im not sure what it is. I dont know if its a bug, the brush or the map. I doubt its the map seeing as it doesnt originally have this. Heres an example of what I mean: 

If anyone can help at all, id be incredibly grateful. Ive been stuck on technical issues with this project for what feels like ages now.

Closing because this is a duplicate.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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