Author Topic: How do I obtain the Python API?  (Read 6359 times)

From the automation toolkit docs:

Installing Pysbs, the Substance Designer Scripting API package

Once you have downloaded the zip file containing the API, in a folder that we will call <apiDir>, install it using pip (or pip2.7 or pip3.5 for an explicit Python version):

pip install --find-links <apiDir>

However, I can't find a download for this zip file anywhere ... I see that the command line tools - sbsrender, et al - are included with the Substance Designer install, but I haven't been able to locate the Python API zip file.

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A little late but hopefully this helps...

On the main website log into your account and go to the "Licenses" page.
Look for the "Substance Automation Toolkit" entry and on the right hand side there are download links.

I think they switched to the executable a few versions ago, so you may not be able to find the zip anymore (also, this documentation you quoted may be outdated); however, the pysbs zip can be found under the "Python API" folder of the installation directory.

Thanks for the help ... it turns out my confusion was caused by the Pro licensing, which doesn't include the automation toolkit (bizarre, since the indie license does), plus the fact that Substance designer has its own copy of the command line tools.