Author Topic: Problem with newest version of Designer on Ubuntu  (Read 883 times)

I'm running Elementary OS (which is Ubuntu). Using both Substance Painter and Designer used to work perfectly. Now I only get Painter to work. I talked to support, and they just told me they don't support Ubuntu. I suspect this is only happening in the newest version. I saw some employee telling on a forum that it could be because of a file that was shipped with the version for supporting older versions of some package. I don't remember the details. I deleted that file ( and Substance Designer started, but crashed at once. Do anybody know how to fix this, or if not, at least point me to an older version of the software that might work?

I found no solution. However, downgrading to the version released in may did the trick. As they only support CentOS, and told me they won't support Ubuntu in the future, it is a bit strange that all previous versions work. Maybe I'm one of the very few using the software on Ubuntu.