Author Topic: Remove mouse scrollwheel behavior from dropdown/comboboxes  (Read 11114 times)

Something I find frustrating is that if my mouse is over a combobox/dropdown element, using the scrollwheel cycles through selections in the combobox. The reason this is so annoying is because if I'm scroll down a the Properties window using the scrollwheel, often by random the scrolling will result in my mouse now being over a combobox, and continued mouse scrollwheel usage will stop scrolling the properties window, and will instead start scrolling through the combobox values. Often this is the case with material presets, which then cause all of the values in the material to be changed.

Could you please either remove this behavior, or give us the option to prevent scrolling from cycling through hovered comboboxes? It's fine that scrolling should do something to a combobox if I've already dropped it down, but the hover behavior is difficult to deal with.