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Hello I add fill layer and try to add rgb as 41 42 51 but I cant because I can only add 0-1 ?How can I do that?

Substance Painter works in linear space with floating color values rather than the 0-255 values.
If you need to convert a color, you could use the eyedropper in the color picker to pick the color you need in another app like Photoshop.

You could just do the arithmetic too.

I was facing the same issue.

RGB means Red, Green, and Blue.

Usually we mean to give a triplet of values, so one per “primary colour”, which describe intensity, quantity of ink, brightness, or similar quantity.

By mixing colours, we produce new colours. So using R, G, B we can produce many more colours.

The theory is somewhat complex, and you should ask how we see colours, in order to understand it.

But note: there are many possible reds and greens, and blues. RGB say nothing about real colour. We must define the three primary colours. In facts original CIE RGB has very different colour as we use on television and computer screens (and some television and computer screens are “wide gamut” so with “better” choice of RGB, but than the interpretation of values of R,G,B (e.g. as found in HTML) is totally changed.

Note: not all colours are reproducible with RGB, also using CIE RGB (which use spectral Red, Green and Blue).

There is no (theoretical) way to predict what colour is made by what combination. From experience and experiments (and books) we know the combinations. I think everybody will be surprised about some mixing (how to produce yellow, or how to produce rose, pink, light red; or browns and greys). Experience helps us.
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