Author Topic: Adjustable Splines for painting difficult lines or stitches  (Read 10722 times)

Hi there,

right now we have the options to paint straight lines via the SHIFT key. Distance is also an option (but not always a good one).

After painting stitches on a more difficult surface approximately 50 times and my eyes are already hurting i wish there was an option to create a 2D Spline in the 3D view. it should be adjustable and enable the user to have all time in the world to adjust it and when happy, paint the spline-line.

Basically an curvy alternative to the SHIFT-line.

(I'm sure my eyes are bleeding as i'm writing this after stitching long difficult lines so many times to get it right)

that would be awesome to have this !! the ability to stroke a 2d curve with the new dynamic brushes would be good also ..

This was just what I needed right now! Doing stitches on Photoshop to have this control...