Author Topic: Mising nodes in Steam Version of Substance Designer 2019  (Read 976 times)

Im currently using the steam version of Substance Designer, I was following the Substance academy's "Creating your first Substance material" course and in it they use a Shape Node, I am unfortunately unable to find the node in the library, ive followed suggestions from this forum and others like, deleting the library and reopening SD to rebuild the library and leave it for 15 mins or so (I did such for 2 hours), or to make SD rebuild the library through the settings

is there a possibility that the "Shape node" has been replaced with something else, or renamed, or do I have a bigger problem?

Apparently my pc is very slow, left it going for 3-4.5 hours in total (rebuilding the library) and the shape node magically appeared, think I need a new pc

I posted about this before. Anytime you're doing a fresh install or update you have to keep the application open so it rebuilds the database. I'm on a very good PC and it still takes around 30 minutes to an hour.
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