Author Topic: Issue with I-ray in substance painter  (Read 779 times)

Hi guys, a while ago I gave Iray in substance a try but I noticed a lot of oddity with it. Here is a test model I did -
right version: smoothed edges on any edge thats less than 90 degree
left version: hard edge and cut in uv so the shading can be closer to the high poly

here is high poly:

I brought it into Substance painter, after baking it looks fine in the viewport:

however, in I-ray, it shows bad seam on the left version, and weird buckling effect on the right version. its almost as if green channel is flipped:

normal map in painter:

I've also tried triangulating the geo, does not help either.

it looks fine in unreal though.

any ideas?

here are my hp and lp fbx:
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Iray tangent space is not synchronized with our real-time viewport, which can explains this kind of issue. This should improve in a future version but won't be fixed at 100% unfortunately because of some limitations in Iray itself.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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