Author Topic: Baking "Transferred Texture from Mesh": baking several textures into one map!  (Read 5488 times)

Let's say I've created an object that has lots of ornaments and etchings. To make things easier and far less polygon heavy, I've used floating geometry with alpha brushes (ornament textures) that are projected onto my mesh.

Problem is, I can't bake these in Substance Designer because it allows me to bake only 1 texture. Which means for each brush I used, I would be required to import its corresponding highpoly mesh and bake it into one single map, one by one, to blend all the baked textures together afterwards. I'm sure there's a solution to that.

For example, after defining the High Definition Mesh, I'd like to be able to expand it to assign a texture file to each subobject.

Even simpler: instead of assigning a texture file to transfer, we could be able to assign a whole folder. The containing textures would be baked according to their file names and the naming of the Highpoly's subobjects.
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+1.  Would love also  UDIM textures support on hi-res object.   The lack of UDIM support makes SD baker pretty useless for me

hey did you try the match by name option?

hey did you try the match by name option?
Sure, it's an essential part of my workflow. Doesn't help with baking textures though as I can't bake more than 1 texture at once, no matter how many meshes I have in my (highpoly) files.
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