Author Topic: Missing nodes in .sbsar?  (Read 884 times)

Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to Designer and loving it, but I can't get my recent material to work properly in Unreal. I'm guessing it must be something ridiculous, like an unchecked box or something that I missed, but I would really appreciate some help on this.
So I made this brick wall substance and it should look like this:

But something must be happening between the .sbsar export and unreal import that makes it look like this:

I don't know, if it's clear or not, but the top layer of plaster mysteriously gets lost on the way from Substance to Unreal. Whats even more mysterious to me, is that everything gets shown correctly in the output of substance.
Here is the Substance Base Color output on the left and what gets imported into unreal:

I've looked everywhere on google, but it's really hard to even write the proper questions, so I would really appreciate it if someone knew how to fix this. For good measure heres a picture of the graph:

Thanks in advance!
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It seems to be an integration issue, I moved the thread to the right section.
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