Author Topic: [SOLVED]Linux: Can't install - libglvnd-glx and libglvnd-opengl dependencies  (Read 1285 times)

I am trying to install Designer on a specific Centos 7.4 system.
The system has some constraints for package installs because of Autodesk Flame issues.

On install of:

I got failed dependencies for:

I can install libglvnd without problems overwriting current packages, but the libglvnd-opengl causes problems.
Is it possible to get a build with the same libglvnd-opengl that Painter uses?

Substance painter 2019.0.1 installed with no problems
Substance_Designer-2018.3.4 installed with no problems

Thank-you in advance. My linux know how is pretty limited.

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Hi Marguerite,

I think these packages are required to get and We have made some changes to remove the dependency to, so the next bugfix release should not list libglvnd-opengl as a requirement anymore. In the meantime, maybe you can try installing Designer without going through the dependency management: rpm -ivh --nodeps designer.rpm.

Since you are on CentOS 7.4, you will probably stumble upon an issue related to the Freetype library as well (see this thread,29127.0.html). We are actively working on fixing this issue, hopefully the next bugfix will solve it as well.

I bit the bullet and installed it via yum and it seems to be working.