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Hey all,

I remember it being mentioned in a video tutorial by Wes what the scale should be set to but I cannot rememeber or find it.  I can't even find it in the online docs or through searching through the forum.  What should the scaling factor be set to?

I've seen some people just fidgeting with that material scale and manually adjusting the height signal to get to something they like but that seems tedious and problematic?

Thanks in advance!

hey, the scale is an arbitrary value that really depends on the scale of the material you are working on.
to give you an idea the plane width is equivalent to 100 scale units.
so if your material is 1 meter wide, 1 unit = 1 cm

Oh ok.  So it's almost like you define material scale, as in a 1m x 1m "swatch" of brick, then adjust the scale units accordingly to the sizes of the features you intend to create; if I have understood you correctly then.

Appreciate the reply.


Yes: please remind that this is something that will need to be defined within your target application, as substance files are handling the textures generation, not the shaders themselves.