Author Topic: Reimport substance cause all the textures and instances references to break  (Read 867 times)


I'm wondering if there is a fix for this issue?
Currently, I have a single substance file (sbsar) imported in my UE4 project. From it, there are multiple Substance Graph Instances created in Unreal, which in turn creates multiple textures.

I'm using those instances and textures in my materials and blueprints.

Each time when I re-import the original sbsar file (even with no changes made), all the references to the derived assets are broken.

I believe it's happening because when reimporting it, at first, removes all the assets, then make reimport, then re-create the same assets from the new sbsar. But it does not restore the references and currently I have to do this manually, going through all the material and blueprints which is not really useful...

Is there a way to fix this issue somehow?

Thank you!