Author Topic: How to duplicate a created material  (Read 847 times)

Hi, i created a material, but i want to do 2 different variations from it. Is there a way to duplicate and keep my layers so i cant create the rest? If not is there any way to achieve this without having to recreate all my layers? Thanks in advance!

Same problem but I solve it like that : you can use Ctrl + Shift + S.

waiting for a solution through the interface :)

Amazing! Thank you very much.

This is not working for me on version 2.1.1 Tiramisu. "Save as" seems to not work at all, in fact when I type in the name for the new copy and give "Save", nothing happens. No copy is made.

For 'save as' to work (or ctrl+shift+s)
New variation material has to have a setting changed.

So if you make your base > save (ctrl+s)

Make your variation 2 changes right there, then save as (ctrl+shift+s)
Rinse and repeat

Hope that helps
Ty Xanders