Author Topic: What happened to: SubstanceGraph.InputPropertiesType.Int???  (Read 201 times)


I am extracting the parameters from the substance on the click of a button which requires me to check what type of inputProperty I am "messing with". I just upgraded a few days ago to the most recent version and realize that SubstanceGraph.InputPropertiesType.Int no longer exists.

Am I supposed to use SubstanceGraph.InputPropertiesType.Enum instead? Or what's the idea behind this? Perhaps SubstanceGraph.InputPropertiesType.Float which might get cast to an Int by the substance API? I don't know.
if someone can offer some advice it will be greatly appreciated.

IMO, The change is also a little bit... weird, I don't see the purpose honestly - it's the only inputPropertyType not available (anymore). It also seems now I'll have to add an 'if' check somewhere to make sure whether the property should be cast to an int or not (unless this is handled internally). It seems rather counter-intuitive.

Thank you!

UPDATE: HMMM!! I guess I was wrong. After checking a back-up from a few months ago I realized there never was an inputPropertyType for INT, or at least that is what I currently believe (I got confused my bad!). However, it would still be nice to know what the general consensus is over how one could extract the int parameters from the SubstanceGraph, procedurally. I will leave the question up, hopefully someone will be able to fill us/me in.
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