Author Topic: Normal map workflow with cage and without cage.  (Read 134 times)

Hello guys. Today my friend show me workflow with baked normal map (cage and without cage), but my SP was crashed when saving. This workflow mixing normal maps to get better result. I remember few steps, but not all. I will try to show you:

1. Add 2 fill layers, disable all channels without normal, then add normal map baked with cage into one layer, second normal map without cage add to second layer.
2. To layer without cage he add a UV Border Distance generator and he change balance to a small amount. Then he add a blur filter.
3. He add thrid fill layer with passtrough blend mode and he add levels layer. If I remember he inverted green channel because I had project with OpenGL, but my normal map without cage was baked in Dirtect.

Now i didn't remember much more. If you know this workflow, please help me. It's very important for me and my project. He can't help me now because he goes to holidays.


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