Author Topic: Importing Substance Designer Materials into Substance Painter  (Read 18163 times)


I'm new on forum and maybe this question already have been asked so I'm apologize ...

When I got Substance Indie Pack I expected that products included in this pack can be used in the single pipeline and "objects" created in one program can be imported and used in other.
But when I created substance material in the Substance Designer and tried to import (use) it in the Substance Painter I got a problem -- Painter does not "understand" this material...
So maybe someone know -- Whether it's possible or not to use substance material created in the Substance Designer in the Painter and how to do this?

Yes, I know that in the Painter I can modify existed presets and save them as new materials, but this is just modifications, not completely new materials I need and which can be created using Designer... 

To use a Substance material in Painter, make sure you publish your file to a sbsar and also make sure that your outputs are correctly named and have the right usage set up so that Painter can recognize them.

Using the PBR template when you create a new substance should give you the right setup.

Hi Jeremie,
Many thanks for explanation! Will try to do this soon.
And two more questions to be sure that I will make it correctly:
1. What color channel name I should use when I will construct substance for Painter -- "Diffuse" (like in Designer) or "Base Color" like in painter?
2. When I tried to add new substance material into Painter I just drag and drop this material into Shelf > Material window. Is this correct procedure or I should use some other method (copy substance file into some Painter folder for example) ?

Thanks again,

You should use BaseColor, as this is now also the standard in SD since 4.5.

You can drag and drop it, although if you want that substance to be always available in your shelf even when working on other projects, you should simply copy the file to your C:\Users\...\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\materials

Hi Jeremie,

Could you please elaborate on :

"also make sure that your outputs are correctly named and have the right usage set up so that Painter can recognize them"

I've been able to import my substances from Designer to Painter in the past without any problems but it does not seem to work with the latest updates for me.

Nothing should have changed with the latest version. Could you share a sbs file that does not load correctly in Painter?