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Substance Source in Substance Launcher does not download substance files into a organized folder structure. Downloaded assets should be automatically organized into a folder structure that mirrors the categories used to organize substances on Substance Source. Coincidentally, the 3ds Max Substance Source integration does this already.
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Hi we are working on it :-)

Good to hear you guys are working on it.  =)

Came on here to make this suggestion as it's just unnecessary/time-consuming managing all the assets if they download into one giant pool.


With the release 1.3-beta of the launcher, you can now send directly your materials either to Painter, Designer or Alchemist.
It will be still downloaded locally but in addition it will be in one of the Substance softwares.

Has there been any progress on establishing a local repository to browse substance files downloaded per a substance source account? I had expected the launcher would essentially be a material browser that would allow users to organize their substance library. Is this functionality planned?

This is already the case with the new Substance launcher. Assets downloaded or purchased from Source appear in a "My Assets" tab in their respective sub-categories and can be sent to the Substance tools directly.

Jeremie, thanks for the clarification, that's great news! I have not installed the Substance Launcher since the beta, so I will go ahead and install the latest version and see how it goes.

@jeremie, I think there is something I am misunderstanding about the Substance Launcher as it pertains to Substance Source. At the moment, Substance Source is accessible through the Substance Launcher and it is possible to specify a download location for Substance files. However, it doesn't seem that Substance Launcher specifies a folder structure that respects the material categories appearing on Substance Source.

I would think that Substance Launcher would download to a local repository and populate an index of folders for each of the categories on Substance Source. Then, any substance downloaded from Substance Launcher via Substance Source would automatically populate the folder based on its category(?)

You can see an example of this in the attached image (see attached)
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Any thoughts on whether this is a reasonable feature request?

Definitely reasonable  ;)

That sounds great! Could you speculate about an arrival time for a feature like this, e.g. Fall, Winter, etc.?

I totally agreed with cjwidd.  I also use the Quixel Bridge. I can assign my download materials local folder path in Bridge. Then review all local material in Bridge and open in local folder. Please check the follow photo.

Right, the feature request I originally proposed in this thread was minuscule by comparison. If Adobe / Allegorithmic were to implement a Substance library (inventory) application with a feature set comparable to Quixel Bridge, that would be fantastic - in fact, I had imagined as much when the Substance Launcher was first announced.

It has been over six months since this feature request was initially posted. I understand that developers are not obligated to capitulate to every request put forward by the user base, but I assumed that there would be an increase in the cadence of updates following the Adobe acquisition, allowing for run-of-the-mill features like the one proposed here to be resolved faster than before(?)
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This feature would be great :)
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Has there been any movement on this? The one year anniversary of this feature request was last month ❤️
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