Author Topic: Geometry with Substance Materials Renders Black Upon File Open 3DS Max  (Read 329 times)

I am using 3DS Max v2019 / Vray 4.1
Substance materials do not render right after opening up a Max/Vray file with substance materials applied. The materials have remained assigned to the geometry after I open the Max file but all the geometry that has Substance materials renders black. In order to fix this I need to open each Substance material in the material and either 'Reload' each material and/or change one of the parameters to get the material to be visible in a render. Is there is something I can do to make sure the Substance materials load properly when I open my Max file?

Same problem here. Hope someone got the answer

I have something similar also. While working the maps just drop between renders and have to reload the substance to get them back. Sometimes reload doesn't work and only restarting Max seems to do the trick. This became more noticeable once more people in the office started using at the same time.

Same problem when i load the file i have to render the materials in the materials editor, if not the textures are black
, when i send to my netrender or the vraycloud its all ok